Beverly Diamonds Bringing People Together MDD

Tensions have been excessive this week after several events involving the police and black males have caught the nation's attention. Assist a ‘Story' - before a session all the stories and the member of employees meet up and speak for half an hour about how we are all feeling - this is the place the staff member will recognise if a story is feeling weak/emotional. Maintain secure indicators whilst Story Store in session - all Stories have bottled water and a pen on their particular person table.

We normally have the very lengthy story, we condense this into bullet points to assist volunteers when telling their story. Train a ‘Story' - we spend time talking through the expectations of being a narrative explaining that the expertise is interactive and you are not solely telling your story but that you need to listen to questions requested and really bring people together feel assured to answer truthfully. Ultimately our Tales are in charge and at any time they'll stop a session should they want to. We ask all our Stories to learn and sign a Story Store Contract this is an settlement explaining how we will keep them secure and what is expected, also contact details for an emergency.

All ‘Tales' have read and perceive their Contract/Agreement which they have signed to enable them to partake in a Story Shop. Ensure all staff have an understanding of their role and what is anticipated of them on the day that they know and understand every individuals story and the person telling it. This construction can be used to find a new strategy to the way you want to inform it or uncover an element to your story that you've been lacking.